Site updates + life update + more other updates

As many of you know I’m currently having problems with support platforms, content distribution and other stuff related to my content. Due to that I will be doing some down-scaling on a good part of my socials which will be listed here share.momochi.tv, so if you see one of my socials disappear that’s why.

Regarding content distribution

My standard procedure for this was to post all new releases here with a link for catbox or kyo.me, that will change from now on.
I now have a dedicated server and site for all my Art to be stored on which is more secure, safer and where I have full control over it so there’s less danger of a missing link issue or content unavailability.

The downsides are that I’m unable to deliver a live transcoded stream, just direct stream since this would overload my server and hamper you ability to download content or watch streams. Also, the costs of internet and electricity usage will increase on my end due to the constant server usage. The upside of this is that I am not under restrictions from corporation rules (e.g. Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive cough cough).

You will now be able to find my free and uncensored content here at booru.momochi.tv (current progress of uploading content in progress due to needing to re-rendering most works for better quality). You will be able to create an account to comment, add tags and use search function (W.I.P.).

Finally, if you would like to help me out by subscribing or donating, you can help fund operation of my continued work, this server and upgrading its capacities. Examples being I could purchase more HDD’s to increase storage capacity to store more videos and wallpaper for you to access, upgrade the server so I can increase the quality of files, provide better download speeds (20Tb with 7Tb in use and currently 270mb/s to 300mb/s speeds at ideal conditions) or add my Stream VOD’s vault to be downloadable in better quality than from Youtube/Twitch/Pomf.

Regarding support platforms

As some may already know, my FANBOX recently got temporarily banned due to them capitulating to MasterCard and essentially putting all LoliSho artists in a tight spot. My trust in them is lost as they banned me on the same day I was due to be paid. If I do not get paid my operations might grind to a halt which is detrimental to everyone involved.
Patreon is pretty much in the same situation but they have harsher restrictions which may cause issues in the near future unfortunately so I cannot fully rely on them, but they are the only current main option for operation.
Subscribestar have not given me any good news recently to my application so they are unreliable as a support platform and will not be considered as a choice.

For now please continue using Patreon or FANBOX to support me for more exclusive content, If you want a commission done or perhaps just giving me tips please use my KO-FI for that. Thank you again for all your support.

IRL and heath updates

IRL hasn’t changed much, I still cannot handle energy drinks or any drinks with high caffeine content.
One of my kitties that were sick a while back is recovering much better now but I still have to make sure he’s hydrated personally (10ml of water every 3 hours) and making sure he eats Wet Food now instead of Dry Food (increased costs).
The flea situation for the house and pets and ourselves was sorted after much effort, much spraying and gas masks (was a fun day).
The cost of the vet for various things during his issues has had us in a state and I thank you again to all those who donated to help cover the costs, I can’t thank you enough for that.

My Server (Emi) updates

Some upgrades have been done.
New cables to replace the last set that were installed, she is working much better now.
More RAM has been added for her usage.
Added some fans for better cooling so less issues with heat accumulation.
Lastly one SSD has been converted into a cache for some of her services that are usually in constant operation.

I think that’s everything for now, thank you for your attention and support.
If you reached this point, you get a digital cookie, enjoy.