Momo Kanae


Age: 20y (460y on human age)
Weight: 20Kg
Height: 123cm
Birthday: 09, August, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Altra G7RR8
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Hunter Fox

Likes: Human Culture (Japanese Culture), Sweets, Chocolate, quiet places, freedom to express herself and teasing people.

Dislikes: Boredom, Being ordered around, Noises, attention seekers and puritanical warriors.


Momo Kanae is the last llavin of her specie due to wars that end up killing the entire life of the planet of her Birthplace, Now she holds the tittle of “Mommy” of her Species. Because of that she has a LoliBaaba Personality.

Momo Enjoys playing video games, streaming, watching anime, reading manga, modeling, seducing her Niichan (Kanae Luan) and teasing people. She enjoys eating chocolate (And will on occasions eat at minimum 5 Kg or more by herself). Since she can’t speak due to a permanent damage on her vocal cords, she uses a notebook to communicate with other people. She usually like to take her days Calm and Slow while she work on her farm and after that goes to stream with all her family.

She’s a Loli/Oppai Loli Llavin vtuber, Who usually play a variety of games but with preference for FPS and j-RPG’s on Twitch.

Momo is very good with Mid Range fire guns specially Revolvers and Magnums. She has a peculiar taste for 8 bullets guns that have a Sniper precision with a small bug heavy body. She has perfect domain over Daggers, making close combat lethal to anything that get closer to her.

Skills & Curiosities

Momo have to make a “Clone” of her self using her own body and the DNA of her dead husband, resulting in the born of Luan, her current husband that she call’s Nii. Luan has the same appearance of her husband but with pink hair color that can be changed to momo hair color.

Momo’s breasts grow according to the amount of milk in them, growing from B-Cup to P-Cup where they start to leak milk

Momo’s 4 ears can cover a area of 500m2 of perception, everything in that range can be easily tracked

Momo Special low Range attack can paralyze anything on a range of 10m2, the pressure of that Skill can easily crush a planet core in minutes.