Llavin Race Info

  • I create this race to be bosses from a game so that’s why the exotic stuff.
  • 1 llavin year is = to 23 year for humans.
  • llavins do not have melanin in their bodies, their skin tone is linked to the state of the moon, if it is a full moon a light skinned llavin will always be born regardless of the parents’ skin tone, if it is a new moon the born llavin will have a dark skin tone regardless of the parents’ skin tone.
  • Melanin is literally poison for llavins, each llavin has a passive to quantum eliminate any being with melanin or traces of melanin.
  • The blood of a llavin has effects comparable to curses, if flesh or blood is consumed, tumors with a degree of similarity to feathers will grow from the inside of the body to the outside of the body killing anyone who consumes the flesh or blood of a llavin in a matter of seconds.
  • llavin milk is 3 times more heavy then human or other types of milk.