Llavin Lore

Llavin’s Main Lore:

Llavin’s were created a long time ago to be used as weapons, but as always this kind of experiment goes wrong and now several llavins have escaped from the containment camps and formed a race of their own with their own sub-divisions and variations, now becoming an ancient warrior race.

Llavin’s Prologue:

Llavin’s, an ancient race that lived in peace for several centuries in a world that used to be in constant wars for territory, food and for political reasons of great nations with their Kings that most of the time were dictators. Today this race is practically extinct and the ancient planet where they lived is totally in ruins and totally uninhabitable, only a few species of hostile creatures can currently survive on this planet.

Llavin’s Século XX:

3 kings of the major nations formed a plan to use llavins as the perfect warriors for their armies, since only one adult male llavin could destroy an entire continent in less than a few days in its Berseker form with low food and water consumption, and a female could destroy an entire country in a few months in its base form, and in management period could destroy an area of 2000 kilometers in a single hour.

Initially this plan went well, nations paid to llavins mercenaries large amounts of money to act in some lines of the army, This was not much of a problem, since there was no way to capture a healthy or even a weakened llavin, since they immediately transport themselves to a pocket dimension created from their remaining strength, and it is not possible to stop this process without the llavin’s body triggering a localized atomic explosion, spraying an area of 30 square meters with the same force as a gamma ray jet from a quazar. It was not possible to kill them either, because they were very resistant to almost anything. Until one day, some scientists realized that llavins could keep their distance from black warriors, but could fire melee attacks at soldiers with a lighter skin tone. It turns out that melanin, the protein that denominates hair, skin and eye color in humans is a deadly poison to llavins, llavins do not have melanin in their bodies, so their skin color is directly linked to the state of the moonlight, if it is a full moon, the baby will have a dark skin tone, otherwise the baby will always have a pale or lightly colored skin tone, eye and hair color are linked to their species sub-division type and mana.
After learning of this, these scientists developed weapons with a high melanin content, which allowed them to cause severe damage to the Llavin’s. Now all that was needed was to attack a small village to weaken them and use them as weapons. Soon the neighboring nations began to fear the destructive potential of the Llavin’s, after the neighboring nations discovered one of the weaknesses of the Llavin’s, they began a major war, both with the nations that were using them as weapons and the Llavin’s themselves.

One plan was to capture female Llavin’s to impregnate them in an attempt to make hybrids between other races, but this plan was not successful for a few reasons;

Llavin’s cannot impregnate other races or even have sexual relations with other races, with the exception of humans with a light or totally pale skin tone because of their self-preserving nature.

Llavin’s have the ability to create mini-suns that spray anything that tries to rape them in any way.

Llavin’s have a disintegrate passive; bestial aliens, parasites, tentacle monsters, insects and insectoids, slimes, beasts and animals/monsters in general, which cannot be negated in any way.

After creating these mini-suns that spray anything, the attacked Llavin is transported to his pocket dimension and sails for about 3000 kilometers to a probably safe area in case the Llavin dies in the process, his body is totally petrified and in a few hours turns to dust.
After several failed attempts, the nations gave up on this plan, as there was no 100% feasible way to use Llavin’s in the way they initially planned, the nations made an agreement to exterminate all Llavin’s, so they wouldn’t have to worry about a sudden attack from an army of Llavin’s that could totally decimate an entire nation. The first plan the nations had was a direct attack on villages with a low concentration of adult Llavin’s (Llavin’s take a long time to become adults, although a juvenile Llavin isn’t as powerful as an adult, they still have the same defense system as adults from birth). So they sent out armies to decimate the weaker villages and then go on to the larger villages.

Initially this plan was working very well, but in the process of migrating to the villages with a higher concentration of Adult Llavin’s and Llavin’s from a higher Sub-division, something went very wrong. Some soldiers tried to extricate a group of younger Llavin’s who were hiding, but after one of the soldiers tore the clothes off one of them, one of the male Llavin’s in this group activated his berseker mode, which was not supposed to happen because Llavin’s in berseker mode cannot return to base form and lose their ability to make logical decisions, which triggered a massive attack of high sub-division Llavin’s and even the primordial race.

The remaining Llavin’s decided to wipe out all the other races that belonged to the plan to attack the smaller Llavin villages, thus starting another major war, but involving all nations and the remaining Llavin’s.

After a long time the soil of the planet began to lose its fertility, which killed the animals that served as food, and also the crops began to dry up. With the lack of food all the species of the planet began to slowly die, some species tried to eatlavin’s flesh, But the flesh and blood of Llavin’s have a side effect caused by a virus without cure, after consuming the flesh and blood of a Llavin, the one who consumes Llavin’s flesh and blood will have his body covered with feathery tumors and in a few seconds will die having his corpse completely covered with feathery tumors.