Kanae Nekutarin


Age: 3y (69y on human age)
Weight: 7Kg
Height: 73cm
Birthday: 30, May, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Cirus G788
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Malicious Fox

Likes: Sweet’s, Hunt, sleep

Dislikes: Other species males, Noises


Kanae Nekutarin is the 2 child of Luan and Momo, she push basically Momo side of the family. Having a very sweet personality she is the most slow mind in all the family, even being compared to a doll while being carried around.

Nekutarin can easily solve hard task and math but when it come to other simple task she has the QI of a human baby of 2 years. Even with all that she is able to read with difficulty and is able to speak simple words.

Skills & Curiosities

The amount of Milk on Nekutarin Tit’s make her tit’s to grow.

She can hear anything in a range of 50m even with any type of sound isolation.

She can copy others movements in a 100% accuracy and even with the size difference.

Nekutarin most valued thing is her Daddy.

Nekutarin can stop, reverse or speed up time in a range of half mile. When in berserker mode that range limitation is ignored.

Nekutarin is also able to control objects or people to be sent thru time with her (There’s no age effect when passing thru time)