Kanae Mimi


Age: 12y (240y on human age)
Weight: 15Kg
Height: 93cm
Birthday: 4, April, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Cirus G788
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Control Bunny

Likes: Sweet’s, Calm places, breed

Dislikes: Other species males, Noises


Kanae Mimi is the first child from Momo and Luan, due to the Ambar from the Mother tree present at Luan blood, Mimi Sub-Species was altered to “Control Bunny”, that Sub-species normally is in heat almost all the time, so the amount of babies that they have is normally very big.

Mimi normally responsible to take care of the babies while the others are not able to take care of them, she is also responsible to calm down the others girls on they heat period.

Skills & Curiosities

Mimi has 4 ears, the elf ones are for large ranges and the bunny ones are to translate basically any language that she hear for more then 30 seconds.

Mimi can copy others skills and improve them but not in a infinity way.

Mimi after a few weeks of pregnancy, Mimi is not able to walk due to the weight of her belly, and has to sit up even while she sleeps.

Mimi right eye is burned due to a lighting hit her when she was young, because of that she is blind every after noon until the mid day.

Mimi doesn’t know what a condom is (or basically anything that she doesn’t have on her island)

If Mimi don’t have the intention go get a creampie while is having sex with more girls having sex with her male mate, she will take out the dick from her pussy and quickly grab one of the other girls and for the male to cum on inside them.

Mimi needs at least 3 Liters of semen to be able to get pregnant, her pussy will hold her male mate and force him to cum until she get enough to get pregnant. She can also hold Semen inside of her and transfer to other females.