Kanae Luan


Age: 23y (460y on human age)
Weight: 34Kg
Height: 125cm
Birthday: 22, September, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Cirus G788
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Clone (Hunter Fox)

Likes: Old weapons and guns, calm music

Dislikes: Noise


Luan Kanae is a clone modified to be born as a Male Llavin, due to some problems and lack of DNA he can only impregnant females with Female baby.

Luan role is to re-create his own specie, on his blood also circulate the Ambar of the Mother tree which was used to increase the chances of success on his creation and birth, this give him a large range of skills that can or not be useful on his task’s.

Skills & Curiosities

Luan can easily survive in almost any ambient due to his strong resistance.

Luan is basically compatible with almost any female and can impregnate almost any female of almost any specie. The baby will always be a female.

Luan’s 4 ears can cover a area of 700m2 of perception, everything in that range can be easily tracked.

Luan’s can copy moves or attacks and improve the copy in a infinity way.

Luan’s hair can turn back to the same color as Momo’s hair, normally when his hair is pink is because he is planning to travel or fight.