Kanae Lilith


Age: 3y (69y on human age)
Weight: 7Kg
Height: 73cm
Birthday: 30, May, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Cirus G788
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Speed Bunny

Likes: Sweet’s, Hunt, sleep, knifes

Dislikes: Other species males, Noises


Kanae Lilith is the second child of Luan and Mimi, Lilith push Mimi side of the family, she developed a very dangerous personality, she get aggressive if any other female that is not on her family at the point of her have the urge to kill.

Lilith normally pass her time polishing her knife and playing with Chiian, she also need to sleep for at least 10 hours if she waste too much energy.

Skills & Curiosities

Lilith have high affinity with her knife, being able to cut almost anything without dirtying her knife.

Lilith ears work in sync, she can track target at a range of 100m.

While in heat Lilith will have the urge of breed.

Lilith speed can hit 200 miles per hour.

Lilith Loves her bunny that was given by her Daddy, even modified it to be a onahole for some fun nights.