Kanae Chiian


Age: 3y (69y on human age)
Weight: 7Kg
Height: 73cm
Birthday: 5, Feb, XXXX
Birthplace: Planet Cirus G788
Current Location: Planet Cirus G788
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Llavin
Sub-Species: Fen Magic

Likes: Sweet’s, Hunt, sleep

Dislikes: Other species males, Noises


Kanae Chiian is the first child from Mimi and Luan, Chiian push good part of Momo side of the family but also push Mimi Bunny parts like the tail and feet pads.

Chiian is normally sleepy and shy, she prefer be quiet and when she have the chance she always with Luan. While in heat she will “attack” any member of her family until she get pregnant or her heat period is over, normally Mimi who take care of her on that cases.

Skills & Curiosities

Chiian can turn back to her baby form whenever she want or turn others into babies.

Chiian ears are very sensitive, she can track a target with 95% of precision in a range of 4000m.

Chiian need at least 12 hours of sleep to be able to work properly.

Chiian can create or give extra body parts to her self or others for a limited time.