Do’s & Don’t Do’s

Well I work with a good amount of content but there’s some content that I prefer not work with or be related to so I will list here the stuff that I do and the stuff that I will refuse do.


In general any Vanilla like content is ok but I may deny some but overall Vanilla content is all good.

Femdom content, Loli’s, Shota’s, Traps, Futa Also are accepted without problems.
Any Solo action is all good as well.
Tanned or Dark Skinned Female characters are also all good. (I fix my problem with bad quality texture for this type of characters)

Niche fetiches as: Pregnancy, Cumflation, Lactation and light BDSM are accepted.

Now for some types of characters like: Monster Girls, Furry and BBW’s will be accept (For furry and monster girl I will need have the model or you will have to provide me a Koikatsu Card of that character for me use as Base).

For OC’s there’s a special requirement.
If I don’t have the model of the OC that you want, You will need to provide a Koikatsu Card to be able to accept your Commission/Request.

Don’t Do’s:

As for the content that I don’t work and don’t want to be related which are:

Rape, Gore/Vore, Any type of Bestiality (Mainly the Male side), Dark Skinned Male/Blacked or Muscular Males.

Additional notes:

For Commissions/Request with male characters involved, the male character that will be used will be limited for the ones I have for example:

Dragon Maid: Shouta or KanaeLuan
Ero manga Sensei: Sagiri brother or KanaeLuan

In case of your own OC you can choose if you want any of the anime boy’s or KanaeLuan, I am not good with male models so I will probably deny making a Male OC that is not one of mine.